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All safari activities done in Uganda are highlighted by gorilla trekking. A hike into the thick forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga leads tourists to the dazzles of one of the rarest gems in the world.  Comfortable hiking boots are highly important as they offer comfort on what seems like a challenging landscape.

While exposed to gorillas, visitors get to spend an hour with a habituated gorilla group to appreciate the well-being of these creatures and how they socialize with each other.

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The greater eastern region of Africa is a center of great beauty and usually visitors are left with numerous destinations to spare because of the pool of attractions available. This region is Africa’s focal point from which the sun rises before it sets in the far west and is rich with numerous attractive destinations ranging from physical landforms, natural vegetation, fauna, cultures and traditions. East Africa is made up of beautiful countries namely Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, D.R. Congo South Sudan and Burundi.

Safaris in Uganda.

Alternatively, ‘the pearl of Africa’, Uganda has for decades owned that title owing to the various features available for visitors to explore. Uganda, a landlocked country is situated in the midpoint of her companions Kenya and Tanzania, from which it shares the source of the world’s longest river, the great River Nile.

Lake Victoria top as Africa’s largest freshwater lake and lets out some of its water through River Nile until the Mediterranean Sea on the Northern frontier of Africa. But Uganda is blessed to have a composition of other numerous freshwater lakes like the rift valley lakes – Albert, Edward, and George in Western Uganda. Lake Kyoga is also regarded as Uganda’s largest swampy lake at the heart of this country. Lakes Mburo, Wamala, Opeta, Bisina and many more follow closely. This, therefore, justifies why Uganda is regarded as one of the few countries situated in Africa’s great lakes region.

Uganda isn’t merely a land of water bodies but equally has tens of people organized in ethnicities and tribal groupings with beautiful and distinct cultures such as the Baganda, Karimojong, Acholi, Langi, Banyoro, Bagisu, Banyankole, Madi, Iteso, Alur, Lugbara, Basoga, and more spread out in different proportions across the pearl of Africa.

These ethnicities live in lands separated by rivers such as the great River Nile, River Kafu, Kazinga Channel, River Wamala and hundreds more of these streams. Most tribes are organized in kingdoms and chiefdoms which are essential in the protection of their sacred tribal norms and often bring with them distinct languages, art and craft, cultural

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