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Luxury & Affordable Accommodations, in the hospitality industry, luxury hotels are considered hotels that provide luxurious accommodation experiences to the guest. However, these luxurious hotels can be characterized by the following features.

The room offered should be the exact one the guest wanted.

Guests should feel that they are known and valued, and staff should know them by name, friendly and respectful at all times.

Gardeners and housekeeping staff should maintain maximum silence and not interfere with the guest’s enjoyment of the property.

Uganda has a long list of accommodations in its national parks, including the high-end, Luxury, Midrange, and Best Budget.

Here are some of our partner lodges and hotels we have built great relationships with reputable lodges and selected the best safaris Lodges for you to make your safari memorable for a lifetime. Let it be Luxury, Midrange, or Best Budget Tents Contact Us