African Kingdom

 African Kingdoms – Tooro Kingdom

The African Kingdom and tooro Kingdom is among the five Traditional Kingdoms that are situated within the borders of Uganda. The king to the Tooro Kingdom is mentioned as Omukama and apparently the Tooro king is named Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV at the age of 3 years young. The people of the Tooro Kingdom are mentioned because the Batooro and therefore the language is spoken is named Rutooro. this kingdom is well famous among the African kingdom due to Muhammad Gadhafi the former president of Libya.

African Kingdom - Tooro Kingdom

Historically the Tooro kingdom was founded by the Omukama Kaboyo Olimi I who was the oldest son of the Omukama of Bunyoro Nyamutukura Kyebambe III of Bunyoro. He succeeded his father and established an independent kingdom his own which he placed on the river Muziizi. This was absorbed with within the Bunyoro Kitara within the year 1876. a bit like the other kingdoms of Busoga, Buganda, Bunyoro and like, Tooro’s kingdom was abolished in 1967 during Milton Oboto’s Regime and it had been established in 1993.

There are about 70 clans with within the Tooro kingdom recognized consistent with the 1999 constitution but only about 20 clans are active with the Tooro Kingdom activities. These Clans include; Abalisa, Abibiito, Abagweri, Ababbopi, Abasumbi among others.

Tooro Kingdom – Batooro and their pet name

 The Batooro people are pleased with their kingdom and everybody features a got a petty name called Empaako, the young female children are called Abwooli whilst the young male children whose Empaako isn’t known is named Apuuli. Other Empaako names include; Abbooki, Acaali, Akiiki, Araali, Atwooki, Abbooki, Abbala, Atwooki among others. Every Empaako name possesses its secret precious meaning.

Libyan Relationship with African Kingdoms

The Libya president Maumar Gaddafi is recognized for his great relationship with the royalty of the Tooro Kingdom. The 2001, the present Leader King Oyo decided to appoint him together of his special advisors. within the same year Gaddafi attended King Oyo sixth Anniversary celebration and this is often when he was announced because the defender of Toro Kingdom. thanks to their relationship, Gaddafi had to participate within the funding of the renovation of the palace thus is obtainable 200,000 USD.

According to the social found out , marriage was very significant to the Batooro and if a person wasn’t married he regarded incomplete not until he married. Traditionally the Batooro marriage was organized by the oldsters of the girl and boy that are getting to marry . the normal marriage involved between the center man who makes research on the girl family and behavior before he’s approved to urge married to the boy.

Social and economic found out of the Batooro people

Traditionally the Batooro society has been distinguished with the Economic activities but not the caste. There are two classes among the Batooro, the Bairu and Bahuma category of individuals . The Bairu are known to be the land cultivators while because the Bahuma are believed to be cattle keepers. the 2 categories of individuals are significant within the production of meat, milk, butter, ghee also because the food products needed, they grew crops like the Millet, bananas, sweat potatoes, Sorghum, vegetation and peas among others.

The Batooro are very united people and led by their unifying leader Omukama who is their cultural leader under the constitution. The Batooro also supplemented their economic activities like black smith and that they produced items like hoes, axes, arrowheads, spears, Knives among others.

Some of the tourist’s attractions in Toro Kingdom include;

Kibale forest park famous for the primate safaris especially the Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris, the snow caped mountains of the moon- mountain Rwenzori, Semiliki park the simplest place for birding Safaris in Uganda, Amabere Caves referred to as the breasts of Nyinamwiru, the Tooro Palace home to the king of the Toro Kingdom, Tooro arboretum , Karambi Royal Tombs where several Toro Kings are buried and therefore the royalty members are buried, lake Albert situated on the border of DR-Congo and Uganda and within the western region among other attractions.

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