Bird watching near me

Bird watching near me

Bird watching near me – Mabamba Bird watching spot

Bird watching near me

Mabamba is located west of Lake Victoria Entebbe one of the most important sites to see the shoebill for birding tourists. Bird watching near me Bird watching near me stretches through an extensive mash in a narrow bay entangled with papyrus, mabamba is a ramsar site which was declared in 2006 to protect the endangered shoebill from is home to a variety of bird species the wetland hosts more than 300 bird species, birding is done from a motorized wooden boat ridding through the thick marshes of papyrus.

The Shoebill Stork is a rare Bird in Uganda with outstanding looks compared to other bird species, it has a broad shoe shaped bill, usually weighs up to 14 pounds and 150cm tall in fact one could call the shoes bill a ‘flying shoe because of its bill. The shoebill is a solitary bird with has a lifespan of about 50 or more years, amazingly it forms monogamous relationships during the mating season which falls between April and June. They nest on the ground and the females lay two eggs, both birds participate in the incubation. It survives on a diet of main lungfish supplemented with frogs, puddle fish, baby crocodiles, and water snakes. The nature of its bill gives it survival skills to feed in the swamp, shoebills are sluggish on the ground but good in the air.

The shoebill stocks tend to be nocturnal, they don’t have a webbed foot although primarily water birds, they are mostly solitary birds and have got territories, Despite the shoebill being famous at mabamba swamp, there are other bird species that can be seen while birding for example swamp fly catcher, African purple swamp hen, African water Vail, pallid harrier, African gym goose, white faced whistling duck among others. The bird is easily seen in the morning while they stalk their prey but may be spotted all day. Safaris to see the shoebill at Mabamba Safari start at 7:30 am or at your preferred time of the day it is by boat across Lake Victoria to the enables you have a great view of Entebbe airport and the beaches. The best time to tour is morning and evening hours.

Mabamba can be reached by a number of routes from Kampala or Entebbe via nakiwogo landing takes an hour’s drive on dirt roads from Entebbe to mabamba swamp. The swamp can be accessed in local fishing boats/canoes with a local guide. There is abundant accommodation in Entebbe for instance The Boma hotel, lake heights hotel Entebbe, African roots guest house among others.

 The shoe bill stork can be found in also national parks like Queen Elizabeth national park, lake mburo national park, Murchison falls national park, semiliki national park, and the Ziwa rhino sanctuary.

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