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Experience life with the rare huge mountain gorillas.

There are only three countries that boast of keeping safe one of the world’s rarest gems and D.R. Congo is one of them.

Hike the famed mountain Nyiragongo.

This active volcano is part of the 8 beauties that make up the volcanoes in the great Virunga Massif. Visitors who think through the greatest lava Lake in the world get to get a glimpse of it while they engage in a hike to the majestic tower of Nyiragongo. The heavy dark black plumes of smoke are visible to as far as people in Rwanda, especially during the night.

A chance to glimpsing at the second-longest river in the world

Just after the Amazon, River Congo prides itself on being the deepest in the world. The flow is a collection of a variety of water species.

Get to enjoy the museums and historic sites found in the country

The architect in the country is a borrowed leaf from the influence of the country’s colonialists and other influences like missionaries. Visitors can enjoy prestigious monuments, historical sites and museums.

The culture in D. R. Congo is vast and amazingly unique

There are a variety of cultural trails that visitors can follow while in the country but the most unique one is a visit to the Mbuti pygmies.

Congo is the land of all shapes and types of natural riches

The soils of this prestigious country hide beneath over 15 different natural resources that include gold, Oil, diamond, and uranium among others.



Meet up with Congo bloodhounds

While all the countries with mountain gorillas are an effort of protecting the lives of these rare creatures, the extra effort in D.R. Congo involves fierce dogs that hunt down the scent of poachers. Tourists can get to spot these patriotic dogs and glance at them while training when they visit the premises.

Visit orphaned gorillas

It Is only in D.R. Congo that orphaned gorillas are grieved by their close relatives – the humans. While in Senkwekwe gorilla sanctuary, get to console baby gorillas that have been traumatized by the trafficking, poaching and death of their parents. The lush green environment is part of the endless therapy offered to visitors.

Hiking the Rwenzori Mountains

The only glaciers on the African continent can be traced from not only Uganda but also in D.R. Congo. A dizzying hike to the Margherita peak pays off as visitors wander through magnificent alpine meadows, wonderful plants and wild animals like okapis among others.


Virunga National Park

Virunga is Congo’s tourism hotspot. This is because all visitors quench their thirst for spotting rare mountain gorillas in this park. The landscape of Virunga national park is spectacularly amazing and offers more dazzles to tourists like wildlife, and towering mountains of volcanoes among others.

River Congo

This is the world’s deepest river and the second largest following the Amazon River. Testing the depth of this river with both feet cannot prove its depth but tourists get to enjoy the freshness of the shores of this river and dazzle at the surrounding nature that blesses the flows.

Livingstone falls

The lower course of River Congo blesses the country with a series of cataracts that flow into succession from Malebo pool before they finally rest in west Equatorial Africa named after Livingstone the explorer.


The boiling underneath this mountain is evidenced by the black fumes and smoke from afar to prove how active Nyiragongo Mountain is. It is also one of the very active mountains in Africa hence owning the largest lava lake in the world.

Lake Kivu

The pure waters of this fresh lake are sacred to the people of D. R Congo as well as they are to the people of Rwanda. The beauty of this lake is that while you wow at Idwi, the world’s 10th largest island, you also get to pass by the tinniest island called Theresa.

Lola Ya Bonobo

The only orphanage for bonobos is caught sight of while in D. R. Congo. With over 60 orphans being comforted from this home that was built for these creatures in 1994 by Claudine Andre, tourists get to pass by and appreciate the love, care and support given to these apes to make them feel at home.

Historical sites

  1. R. Congo, similar to other African countries has a variety of historic buildings that were established during the colonial reign. While in the country, visitors get to spot endless architectural designs that include chapels like the Roman Catholic Chapel, monuments, historical sites and more.



  • Visitors shouldn’t forget that they need to get clearance from the necessary ministry in the country before visiting R. Congo.
  • Criminals may engage with roadblocks to steal from visitors hence extra security should be taken, especially for those travelling alone and at night.
  • Using public means of transport possess a threat to tourists as they are characterized by crime and poor safety standards.
  • Tourists should cross-check the validity of their passports and other travel documents before they travel.
  • On arrival, visitors are supposed to declare satellite phone GPS and any sums of money beyond 10,000 USD.
  • Tourists should lock their car doors and raise the windows especially while in traffic or parking on the roadside.
  • The currency used widely in this country is the central African Franc but some international hotels accept dollars and Euros.


When to visit D.R. Congo?

R. Congo is famed for the many spots of rain it receives but it is also equalled by the dry season in which safari activities become dearer to visitors. May to September offer memorable sceneries to visitors who encroach on reaching out to the beauties hidden in different locations of the country.


People and culture in D.R. Congo.

The culture of people in this country is an integration of religion, colonial influence and tradition. Congolese were colonized by Belgium hence most of their delicacies are similar to that of their colonial master like engaging mayonnaise in almost everything they eat.

Music, dance and literature are what defines a typical Congolese with their Lingala type of music being international and loved worldwide. Almost 93.7% of the entire population are Christians with the remaining percentage being of all the other religions in the country.

In D.R. Congo, the amount of respect one receives depends on the quality of their outfit hence the elegant look that most Congolese pull on.

Packing list for D.R. Congo.

First aid box

A first aid box shouldn’t miss on any itinerary to Africa. Hiking and going through thick vegetation are fun but unforeseen scenarios like scratches can be healed.

Sunglasses and sunhats

The sun is usually scorching especially during the long hike hence tourists need to protect their skins from sunburns and skin damage due to the sun.

Insect repellants

This protects tourists from insect bites while sleeping or during the hike and other walks through the forests.

This protects tourists from insect bites while sleeping or during the hike and other walks through the forests

Hand pocket flashlight

In situations where the electricity blacks out flashlights can give a hand.

Closed shoes

Hiking boots are not only safe for hiking but also offer comfort hence it’s highly recommended for such itineraries that involve trekking

Light clothes shouldn’t be a miss because the hot environment can become uncomfortable.

Heavy duty clothes

Tourists should preferably visit during the dry season but it doesn’t stop the unpredicted rains from falling hence they should carry jackets and sweaters.

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