Cultural Safaris in Uganda

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Cultural Safaris in Uganda

Bunyoro kitara empire due to the fact of story teling started the Toro Kingdom, which include Batembuzi and Bachwezi with an aim to form one united and independent Kingdom.

When Kasagawa came to Toro during his throne he decided to construct a palace small thatch house on top of the hill so that every body sees it. And it called KABAROLE where the current name of the district came from. His throne goes from 1891 – 1928. Kasagawa was a tax collector from Bunyoro Kingdom and he was sent on official duty as a tax collector and he decided to embezzled the collection hence made him to stay behind to avoid being imprison.

Then in 1929 Rukidi succeeded him to 1966, Kaboyo from 1966 to 1995. And the last king Oyo became the youngest King in the Kingdom history in the world at age of 3 years old.

During Amin regime his soldier officer wanted to use the palace as a army barrack and the idea was logically opposed by rule kingdom. Then the army troupe destroyed the palace and it has been renovated under current king in 2001 with the support from the late Gadhafi the former president of Libya. The king Oyo came to the throne on 12|09|1995 some of the major celebration in the palace include: Birth day celebration, every 16, April, Coronation virtual, every 12, September.

During the coronation virtual different ceremony and the information can be passing to the local people by beating drums and blasting trumpet, following by slaughtering of bulls and white hens. All the ceremonies activity take place at the king palace, the hot speech is given by the king, in addition the kingdom has a traditional burial ground for the king. The king is buried in the cause called Zibba in Rutoro language. Every king has his own burial construction ground for burial and the burial house depend on the time for example the one for Kasagawa Rukidi Kaboyo.

During the burial rites at Karambi, we recall the preparation of local drink that present the king, as a visitor to karambi, Recall when coming out do not turn your back to the king that mean the process of coming out will be facing inside the house and it’s the sign of respect.

Lastly, cultural sites in Africa has two different meaning as culture as attraction. For those who wish to come to Uganda Cultural Safaris in Uganda trekking safaris in Africa, you can as well plan your trip and discover Cultural Safaris in Uganda

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