Cultural tour in Uganda – cultural safaris and wildlife tour Uganda is a country with the highest diversity of culture, 38 million peoples over 50 tribes a multiplicity of ethnicity, languages, foods, people, beliefs and many other traditional norms are comprised in the Ugandan culture. Uganda Cultural Safari holiday in Africa will avail you with opportunities to explore East Africa’s most entertained cultures and enjoy unexplored Uganda’s culture and the hidden treasure of Bagishu Circumcision, the Acholi (Larak Rak) traditional dance. Most tourist who comes for a safari in Uganda is welcomed and entertained by the hospitable natives with melodramatic Adungu traditional performances with accompanied with hearty local cuisine. The people of Uganda are ranked second in the whole world as the most hospitable, warm, and welcoming. Come and prove this myth yourself by interacting with Uganda’s natives by taking the Uganda safari holiday. Cultural safari in Uganda exposure you to Uganda’s history and a great origin right from the pre-colonial Uganda up to the post-independent. includes viewing the ancient shrines, Buganda Kingdom and palace a thrilling narration about Uganda. In Uganda, your cultural safaris tour will include visiting the royal king palace of Buganda and the Buganda parliament other palaces include Toro palace in western Uganda, Busoga palace in Eastern Part of Uganda, Bunyoro palace and other palaces across numerous chief dorms and kingdoms. Undertake a cultural tour in Uganda’s museums to find out the historical tools and numerous artifacts that were used in the past. That is from the pre-Cambrian ages to the recent past and the royal drums. Most of these found at the National Museum and other regional Museum While on a historical-cultural safari in Uganda, expect a lot to be offered than you expect. Definitely, you will fly out with your take-home, a locally crafted souvenir for memories.