Africa Drums

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Long ago, men did not know the Africa Drums; the chimpanzees owned it. At that time, before guns, there was a trapper named So Dyeu. He was the leader of all the trappers. The Chimpanzees often came near his camp. One day, he went hunting and noticed the chimpanzees eating fruit in the trees. They were entertaining themselves with a drum. The hunter said, “This thing they are beating is beautiful. I will set a trap.”

Africa Drums

He dug a hole and laid a trap. The next day, he heard the chimpanzees crying. The baby chimpanzees cried, the young chimpanzees cried, and the old chimpanzees cried. The trap had caught the chimpanzee drummer.

The hunter called his dog and went into the forest. The chimpanzees fled as he approached, leaving behind them the drummer, caught in the trap with his Africa Drums. The hunter took the drum and brought it to the village. That is why the chimpanzees don’t have drums anymore and why they beat their chests with their fists. That’s why they say “Gugu”. It isn’t a real drum that we hear today, it is the chimpanzee who has stopped breathing and is beating his chest.

When the hunter arrived at the village, he gave the drum to the chief, who said, “We have heard the voice of this thing for a long time, but no-one had seen it until now. You have brought it to us; you have done well. Take my first daughter for your first wife.”

Why does Chimpanzee beat their chests?

From that day on the person who played the drum was called “tambourine player”. That is how we got the drum. The chimpanzees of the bush were men who went astray. They had done wrong, so God cursed them and they became chimpanzees. Today, they no longer have drums and they have to beat their chests

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