Bukavu City

Bukavu City

Bukavu City

This is a city in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo at the extreme southwest edge of Lake Kivu. Bukavu was an ancient city of Bashu people. last ancient group that settled in the southern part of Lake Kivu.

It was founded in 1901 and Is a common industrial center with a port. It is also a tourism city when you opt to track Chimpanzee and lowland gorillas


Bukavu can be accessed using roads North West of Kisangani, South West to Kasai and South to Burundi.

Air transport can also be used from Congo to Burundi.

More than 100000 tons of cargo pass through the port annually.

It is the most densely populated town in Congo and during the 1970s and 1990s, it received refugees from the neighboring countries of Rwanda and Burundi.

The town has suffered from political unrest.

Bukavu is mainly a US dollar economy but you can as well plan to use Congolese francs.

What to visit in Bukavu City

A tourist can track the lowland gorillas at Kahuzi- Biega National park, also home to the chimpanzee, bush elephants, and the giant forest hog.

Eat delicious food at Hotel La Roche with great views of the lake, Hotel Horizon, and Orchid hotel with the best food in town.


You wouldn’t want to leave the town without tasting the favorite beer of the land that is Mutzig, Primus and Turbo king. Soft drinks are also available and they include Vitalo, coca-cola, and Fanta.

Local drinks are also available and the most common is the banana beer also commonly known as Kasiksi or Mutchibwe.

Where to sleep when in Bukavu

There is a variety of accommodation units in Bukavu town and a tourist can choose from including Hotel Residence, Hotel Panorama, Hotel Tanganyika and Hotel Rivera.

Shopping in Bukavu City

This is mostly done at the famous Asante Supermarket.

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