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Gorilla excursion safari – what to take on Gorilla Holiday? – know before gorilla trekking

Bookings have been made, there is one thing that one can tarnish your greatest Gorilla excursion safari away from being the best of the best that has been impatiently waited for.  We shall Secure your Gorilla excursion safari permit with us, below are the few lists of the mountain gorilla trekking requirement may need to take along with you while others can be given to you from the place of your accommodation when in either in Rwanda Uganda and DRC Congo for a gorilla trekking holiday. Don’t miss the discounted gorillas permits for 2020/2021.
This question is often asked by most of our guests who travel to Uganda holiday for gorilla trekking on what to have before embarking on that awesome Gorilla excursion safari. 

Gorilla excursion safari - Safari in Rwanda

Thus after making payments for the safari, don’t stop their rather go ahead and avail yourself with what to use prior to entering the jungle for the memorable experience as you encounter with the giant African primates of the mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. 
Today, we sat and compiled a list of what you must have before embarking on a gorilla trekking safari in the thick Jungles of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. The good part of it is that most of the gears here can be bought in Uganda. So if you come from the home country without having packed them, worry not.

Waterproof boots

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park’s floor has boggy soils, ever wet. In order to cover your legs from being wetted from river waters that will be crossed on several trails trekked, waterproof boots are highly recommendable. 
Waterproof light boots on your feet, the thrill has started because your feet are secure and comfortable from foreign. Due to high amounts of rainfall received in this park, the thick vegetative cover leaves dropping a lot of sol is made making its soils to soft and wet.  These shoes can be bought in most Entebbe or Kampala shops. Feel free to contact us and you will have them delivered. 

Rain jackets

Gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi impenetrable forests are worthy being taken part in but you have the right gears.  At this park, rain falls any minute thus calls for rain jacket of waterproof clothing worn. The memories are so beautiful however while in the forest, anticipate rain at any time even in the dry season because the season can’t dictate rain falling in this park. 
In case it does not rain, there is thick vegetation here that the dew can stay till the afternoon hours of the day. The dew cab soaks you real wet if not dressed on a waterproof jacket and this may affect the would-be gotten real experience.

Garden gloves

This park during your trekking safari will take you to the slippery spots, take you to the thorny and itchy weeds. This is where the garden gloves come in to help so as to avoid touching mud on the slippery area or grabbing on itchy or thorny weeds in this forest that will give you discomfort if touched physically with a hand.
We tell you some slippery places tend to make the trekking experience harder at times and you will, by all means, be forced to grab something for support and if you have your garden gloves on, everything will remain normal and the continues. 
Also, trekking trail may go to one thorny point where you may grab one accidentally and end up being hurt by thorns but if the gloves are on, safety is guaranteed. Did you get them? Well, let’s enter the jungle then and locate our jungle-based relatives.

Pair of binoculars

The beauty is too vast and varied. For the ardent bird lovers taking part in the gorilla trekking safari, don’t leave your equipment behind because this park is rich in bird species. A few of the roles of the binoculars on this safari could be for spotting/viewing birds, tiny features that come your way on your trekking trail at a far and you may need to have the binoculars help to magnify them. 
This is an optional; requirement on this kind of safari. We put it down because many have always regretted having not carried them when their need arose.

Energy-boosting snacks and drinks.

This calls for you to pack something to add up on the early morning breakfast had at the lodge. 
The normal gorilla tracking safaris last between 2-8 hours. This, therefore, renders the breakfast energy alone to meager to sustain you till you return back to the lodge for lunch after the gorilla trekking experience. For more Dos and Don’ts while in this park, look out for our next article.


Due to constant hikes, treks, and movements, the body loses water and you must replace the long hours spent in the jungles of the park.
We recommend you to carry at least 1.5-2litres of water to ensure that your experience is a great moment of your life.

Camera with extra batteries.

For the purposes of storing the memories for centuries, take Ugandan invisible product to your home country, why not carry a camera to record the unforgettable thrilling experience in the thick jungle of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park? 
The ultimate experience and memories can reminisce don both in the soul and in the digital equipment. To be safer, carry a spare battery in case the first one runs out of power/energy.

Hat and sunglasses

The mood is too high and nothing should limit and cut your expectations. carry your sun cream, sunglasses and insecticide repellents

Long-sleeved shirts and trousers.

These are so necessary because of the kind of vegetation at Bwindi impenetrable fort national park. The hype in you can be cut short by the kind of trousers or shirt you are wearing when you are in the middle of the trail tracking mountain gorillas. We also recommend that you pack both shirt and trousers waterproofed to keep you so untouchable by all sorts of weather conditions.


Porters are local communities who get direct benefits from tourism readily available within the park and they offer assistance to you to carry your luggage during gorilla trekking safari at $15, Worry not about the safety of your stuff because these porters are reliable. They will assist you, reduce the heavyweight burden of luggage on your back yet it’s a fun time. However, they do it at a fee.
Check your pack list, compare and Update. For more Gorilla tracking safari related information, Pamoja Safaris and you will surely receive the responses. 
For more details concerning how, where and when to purchase these gears please Contact Us

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