How Much Does A Gorilla Weigh

How Much Does A Gorilla Weigh | Gorilla Weight?

How Much Does A Gorilla Weigh

Mountain Gorillas are very strong creatures that are scientifically proven to be herbivorous but also have a well-shaped muscular body. Due to their large size, they also have considerable weight. Pamoja Safaris always gathered complete information on How Much Does A Gorilla Can Weigh so that you can have a clear idea of How Much Does A Gorilla Weigh before going to trek mountain gorilla in Africa. You will get to know the average weight of gorillas, the weight of both the male & female gorillas, weight of adult & baby gorillas and weight of the largest gorilla around the world.

How Many Pounds Does A Gorillas Weigh

The weight of an adult male gorilla ranges from 300 to 430 pounds, while that of a female gorilla from 150 to 250 pounds.

How Much Does A Gorilla can Weigh?

As gorillas have sexual dimorphism, so the weight and size of both genders have prominent differences.

Habitat also influences their weight and they usually grow heavier in captivity than in the wild.

Both species and even subspecies of gorilla have different weight ranges compared to Mountain gorilla

An adult wild male gorilla silverback weighs from 135 to 197 kg.

While an adult wild female gorilla weighs from 68 to 115 kg.

How Much Does the Average Gorilla Weigh?

The mountain gorillas averagely can weigh to 169 kgs. when in their wild.

How Much Does A Full-Grown Gorilla Weigh?

A full-grown male gorilla weighs from 136 to 195 kg (300 to 430 pounds).

The full-grown female gorillas can weigh from 86 to 113 kg (150 to 245 pounds) depending availability of the food.

How Much Does A Male Gorilla Weigh?

Male gorillas are usually bigger than female gorillas.

Similarly, Eastern gorillas (Gorilla beringei) are bigger than Western gorillas.

The weight range of male Eastern gorillas is 140 to 205.5 kg (309 to 453 pounds).

While the average weight of male Western gorillas is about 146 kg (321 pounds) in the wild and 157 kg (346 pounds) in captivity.

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