Semuliki National Park

Semliki National Park

Semuliki National Park lies in the south western part of Uganda the park was initially a game reserve which was upgraded to a national park in 1993 covering an area of 220 square kilometers. Semuliki is a typical lowland rain forest in east Africa and part of the long Albertine rift valley between lake albert and Edward its considered to be a dense forest continuing to the great Ituri forest which stretches to the democratic republic of Congo. The park is home to 53 mammal species which include primates and over 435 bird species its most famous for its hot springs.

Semuliki National Park

Geographically hot springs are formed when magma beneath the earth surface hits water that escapes through the cracks to the earth surface when not interrupted. The Sempaya hot springs are termed to be a set male and female. The female boils water up to 217 degrees faranahite and spit water to 2m above the ground. The male spring is a distance from the female one and can be found along a different trail with unique features along the way. Water from the hot springs is believed to cure diseases like ring worms, local women visit the female spring for infertility, problems and tourists have been seen boiling eggs in the hot water.

Semuliki is located within the Albertine ecosystem, many of the parks plants and animals are inhabitants of Congo forest existing at the eastern region of the park. Visiting semuliki can be any time throughout the year but one should be prepared for rain always. It can be accessed by two major routes Kampala-Fort portal via Mubende or Kampala-fort portal via Mbarara Kasese this route gives you chance to encounter parks like Lake mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Rwenzori mountains national park chatter flights can be organized in kajansi Kampala or Entebbe. A wide choice of accommodation is available in fort portal and Uganda wild life authority bumaga camp near Sempaya.

 Besides the semuliki hot springs, there are several other hot springs for example the kitagata hot springs in sheema district western Uganda termed as’ mulago’ hot springs because they are believed to cure any disease by the locals, the Amoropil hot springs, Buranga hot springs among others.

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