Rwenzori Mountain Hiking

Our 3 days Rwenzori Mountain Hiking lead us to about  Kalalama Camp at 3,134 meters. fantastic views of both the cliffs above and views across the lowlands and across Lake Edward in Queen Elisabeth National Park. you will enjoy hiking up the valley floor through the forest of the Afro-Montane Forest Zone with unbelievable scenery. This can be a steady climb for the first six kilometers then after crossing a river it is a steep climb up to Sine Camp. The forest is with multitudes of birds and a chance of seeing blue monkeys scampering off through the forest. Enock’s Falls are just 200 meters from Sine Hut and offer a splendid opportunity to capture a great screensaver for your memories as brightly clouded green lichen grows on the many lives hanging from the trees with the waterfall as a background. this hiking offers Affordable tents drinking water, lunch.

DAY 1.

Start at Trekkers at 1,450 meters and sleep at Sine Hut at 2,596 meters being a height gain of 1,146 meters, or those who are fit and want to proceed to Kalalama Camp at 3,134 meters

DAY 2.

We start our Rwenzori Mountain Hiking from sine camp by climbing up through the bamboo forests which is quite steep but very beautiful and inspiring. As you climb through the upper part of the bamboo zone there are small patches of mixed forest with many of which bear fruit and berries and attracts many different types of birds.  From here you climb a short distance to Kyravilla and descend down a magnificent moss-covered ridge to Samalira Camp nestled in a small dip in the landscape but with fantastic views.

DAY 3.

Descend down through the bamboo forests and back continue on to the park entrance and back to the hostel


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