4 Days Uganda Gorilla and Golden Monkey Safari

Uganda Gorilla and Golden Monkey – Primate Safari – Primate tour in Uganda

4 Days Uganda Gorilla and Golden Monkey Safari

Day 1. Transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Today after your breakfast your driver guide will transfer you to Kisoro – Uganda at the base of the Virunga Volcanoes. Enjoy the winding roads of the ‘thousand hills’ and magnificent views of the Volcanoes. You will spend the afternoon at leisure in preparation for all the trekking and hiking in the days to come. overnight at Chameleon Hill Lodge|Trevellers Lodge|Lake Mutanda Resort FB

Day 2. Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla national park

Uganda Gorilla and Golden MonkeyMgahinga gorilla national park in south western Uganda was primarily protected as a conservation measure to the endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys among other wildlife. Today you will be transferred to the briefing point inside the park to learn about how to behave and interact with the gorillas in the wild. The ranger guide will then lead you to start your gorilla trek in the park. After hiking some distance depending on the location of the gorillas, you will sight them and spend up to 1 hour with them watching them interact with each other and have their feeding and siesta time .

After your one hour with the gorillas, you will then start your descent back to the briefing point and later your lodge. The experience in this jungle and meeting these enormous creatures will stay with you for life even as you take in the beautiful scenery in his area. Please note that Mgahinga Gorilla  national park is in the Volcanoes you need to be relatively fit to enjoy the experience.

Day 3. Golden Monkey trekking in Mgahinga gorilla national park

Uganda Gorilla and Golden MonkeyToday morning after an early breakfast, your driver guide will transfer you to the briefing point where the golden monkey trekking starts. Just like the previous day, you receive a briefing from the ranger guide who will share information on what to expect while in the Virunga volcanoes searching for the golden monkeys. After this short brief, you will then start your hike up in search of the golden monkeys, which are only in the Virunga Volcanoes. You will be joined by porters to help those interested and an enforcement officer to help in case you meet the wild buffaloes and Elephants which can be dangerous. They are swift in their movements unlike the gorillas and you will follow them as they move to feed.

You are only allowed to spend 1 hour with the golden monkey monkeys before you start your descent back to the starting point and your lodge. They love feeding on bamboo shoots among other foods like fruits, vegetation and sometimes ants.

Day 4. Departure via Kigali – Rwanda

We hope you have had an adventure filled stay exploring Mgahinga gorilla national park. Today morning after your breakfast, the driver guide will transfer you to Kigali city and you proceed to the airport for your flight home. Thank you for visiting Uganda with us.

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