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Affordable Gorilla trekking

All safari activities done in Uganda are highlighted by gorilla trekking. A hike into the thick forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga leads tourists to the dazzles of one of the rarest gems in the world.  Comfortable hiking boots are highly important as they offer comfort on what seems like a challenging landscape.

While exposed to gorillas, visitors get to spend an hour with a habituated gorilla group to appreciate the well-being of these creatures and how they socialize with each other.

Uganda is the only country in East Africa with the most Affordable Gorilla Trekking permits

Chimpanzee tracking

Similar to gorilla trekking, visitors get to enjoy the beauty offered by these primates as they spot them jumping high into the sky from branch to branch. The dense forests in Kibale forest offer a lot of thickness and the highest number of chimpanzees in Uganda but they can also catch sight of  Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.

Cultural safaris

With over 50 tribes in Uganda, tourists definitely fail to exhaust wondering about the different amazing cultural practices that are carried out by different tribes. Visitors shouldn’t miss out on the embalo performance made by the Bagisu, and taste the different delicacies that are prepared, the dress code of the Baganda, Banyankole, Batooro and other tribes cannot be spotted anywhere else except in Uganda.

Northern region shines brightly with the nomads who love babysitting their cattle and also have a very capturing dress code that surely will take your breath away.

Rhino trekking

While the life of rhinos in Uganda was on a verge of being forgotten, Ziwa rhino sanctuary was established to prevent this bad omen from befalling the country. From henceforth, this is the only place that offers tourists a chance of spotting these unique gems in their wild habitats.

Well-trained guides lead visitors through the bushes and vegetation to some of the magnificent rhinos that the eyes of visitors can aim at looking at while in the sanctuary.

Big 5 safaris

The jungle giants that were historically hunted down by lethal weapons are now hunted by photographic gadgets, while in the Murchison or Queen Elizabeth national park, tourists chance wandering at a variety of wild animals but the sight of creatures like huge buffaloes, elephants galloping and opening their mouths to 1800, lions in the Queen’s ruling over the jungle while in tree branches, leopards with their different coloured shades of skin and the rhinos with their energetic one horn can be enjoyed by tourists both during day and night while in the parks.

Boat cruise

Anchoring firmly to the deck of the boat is what the tourists need to enjoy a variety of sights and sounds obtained by tourists who get to survey the beauty of the country while on the fresh waters of the Pearl of Africa. Tourists who visit the great Queen Elizabeth national park shouldn’t forget that the Kazinga Channel has an amazing boat cruise experience that keeps tourists up to track with different water bird species, plants, and wild animals, and gaze at the surrounding hills and mountains among others.

Murchison Falls and Lake Mburo are all among the best areas to catch a boat ride by tourists while on a tour in Uganda.

Best time to visit Uganda for safaris.

The best time to enjoy all the beauty that is endowed in Uganda is the dry season which spans from December to February and June to October. While in the dry season, visitors are not limited to movement due to rains, impassable roads and other factors.


Uganda blossoms with a variety of National parks, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries that keep the lives of the animals in the country.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The name Elizabeth is attached to very strong rulers of the British monarchy and the medley of joy says all about the name. All the beauty of nature of the world is collected in this National Park hence tourists sight hot springs, lakes, and wildlife, while in the park and better yet tourists can’t forget the sight of lions resting in tree branches.

Bwindi impenetrable national park

Ever wondered where the highest number of mountain gorillas hide? The thick and impenetrable forests of Bwindi provide a pristine environment for almost half of the population of mountain gorillas found in the world.

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Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The landscape in this National Park is highly sponsored by the Rwenzori ranges and while in the park, tourists get to gaze at the glaciers at the jagged rock peaks of the Rwenzori mountains.

Murchison Falls National Park

And after the creation of the world, God chose Uganda to have the most powerful waterfall in the world. Tourists get to dramatically watch the water ooze out of the small gorge before spraying out widely to a huge spur of fresh waters that feed all the creations in the park before they settle in other countries.

Mgahinga gorilla national park

This glamorous National Park is found in the Virunga massif and this offers a lot of dazzles to tourists because while the hike to mountains and thick bamboo is a war and challenging but rewarding, golden monkeys enjoy jumping in trees and are easily seen from the areas they reside from. A sneak peek into the mountains that make up the Virunga ranges is only chanced in this National Park in Uganda.

Mountain Elgon National Park

This Park straddles Kenya and Rwanda and tourists get to enjoy the towering Elgon while on a hike even though its highest peak is accessed from the Kenyan side. A hike through hot springs, plunging cliffs, and gorges among others dazzle the eyes of visitors.

Kidepo Valley National Park.

The flat lands in the north have a bundle of joy they have to offer to tourists who visit its isolated premises while enjoying the yellowish green vegetation covered in the plains. Tourists get to enjoy the various grazers like zebras, giraffes, and elephants among others.

Kibale National Park

The hills and undulating landscape in Kabale are covered by the thick lush green beautiful forests of Kibale. While in the park, the primates are the most amazing of all creations present in the park and they offer joy and excitement to tourists as they jump over trees.

Semuliki National Park

The Sempaya hot springs light up the ambience of this National Park for any tourist, also watching the sun spark and light the shimmering waters of the Semuliki River is what tourists in this National Park shouldn’t miss. Straddling between DR. Congo and Uganda, the park showcases a variety of natural resources that brim the eyes of the tourists with joy.

Lake Mburo National Park

It’s the smallest savannah National Park in the country but offers a lot of awe-inspiring moments to its visitors. Tourists get to the sky with horse riding only chance in this park, the various lakes and rivers and during the dry season, animals in the park gather around Lake Mburo as though they have a park meeting around the lake.

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